Sunday, April 5, 2009

Photos and stuff.

I just wanted to mention a couple of websites.

first some Photos:

this is my flickr account - there is more to come there.


this is my portfolio website. It isn't up to date yet but it is getting there.
Soon I will have a third for my studio business. I was thinking of three different variations so any input would be good.

1) C Pini Studio
2) CP Studio
3) pot pie studios :)
4) colt pini studio

cast you vote. No miscounts here just reply and let me know what you think.

Our House

well, one more update to a whole lot of stuff.

We got a house!!!!!!!!!!!!

We like this one better and it will let us do my studio there!!

We will follow up with some more pics when we have them. When we went through the house we were told it already had an accepted offer so we didn't take many pictures because we thought there was no way we could get it. But we did!!!!

we close on april 30th.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hahna Jane Pini

Just wanted to post a little about our new little Girl.

Name: Hahna Jane Pini
Weight: 7 lbs. 10 oz.
Length: 20.5 in.
Birthday: 3/16/09
Other: Very Super Cute!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009


*Update Update - house looks like a no go. We went out looking for several hours, Let's try it again.

*Update - well the probability of us getting this home just went down. We'll know a little better what is going on in the coming days.

Hey friends! LOOK! I'm doing another post! I'm just not very good at this blog stuff...but oh well. Maybe I'll get better someday, maybe not. I have other things that are biting at my heels a lot right now.'s our news...We're moving to the Valley, 99% sure! YAY! Colt's going to work for NAU from our home computer. :) BLESSINGS, Blessings! And because of that, we were able to put an offer on a house! :) Now...We LOVE this house. We walked in and felt so good inside it. Even though there are some things that I'm still not crazy the horendously long staircase...we'll adjust and buy baby gates and stuff. So this house comes with a pool (saltwater...supposed to be nicer on the skin and eyes) it's front and backyard are landscaped with watering systems, there's already a security system in place - yeah, don't try and break in, we'll get ya! :), a drinking filtration system is's got lots of upgrades, nice tile, nice carpet, nice clean home. We're stoked. Everything is looking good so far, as far as buying it goes...we just keep praying that things will continue to go well. Here's some pictures that we took from when we went and looked at it. It has 5 bedrooms, so I'm really hoping that people will come stay with us when they come to the valley! 

Graduating is looking good. I'm planning on getting bad grades because I really don't care about school right now. I'm having a baby in a week, we're buying a house, we're moving out of this tiny apartment...YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! There are so many more things going on than just school. But Colt and I are graduating May 8th at 2pm here in Flag. Maybe the house will be ours by then. Anyone up to helping us move? Bring your trucks! We can all take a load back to the valley! haha...So everyone, there's our update...having a baby, buying a house, graduating, moving. That's the plan. Love you all!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I decided to post something on our blog (This is Colt). So we went up to Salt Lake to visit the college and really see if we wanted to go up there and ... well ... we were not impressed. The way the program was structured seemed great but I didn't like the teacher. There are only two graphic design teachers and one was on sabbatical.  So, on to something else. At this point we are planning on Queen Creek down in the Phoenix Valley. Cheap housing, good jobs, and close to family.

We have one semester left till we graduate and we are very excited, even though this will be a tough full one for me we are very excited. Now I just need to find a Job (anyone in the phoenix valley need a Graphic designer with 2.5 years experience in c# and various other programing lanquages, and a knowledge of silverlight, flash, and lots of other stuff, or know a friend, or a friend of a friend? :).

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's a Girl!

So yep! We had our ultrasound today...another girl!! We are excited! ... maybe John and Kadee will have another boy so that our families can remain opposite. The ultrasound tech said that everything looks great. She looks just perfect. Sarah was excited to finally see something that looked like a baby after I've been telling her about the baby in my tummy. Our new baby girl is due 3/24/09!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Media

So lately Sarah has been taking off her pajamas at night. The ones pictured here are the zip-up w/footies kind. I tried putting other pajamas on her long-sleeved shirts with sweat pants. It doesn't work. She just prefers being comfortable in her diaper. She also likes to run around in just her diaper. In the mornings when I try to get her dressed, she'll take off running before I can. ...We didn't know why this was happening until Colt made a great observation...he was just kidding around, but I really believe that this is what it was...

We'd had this box of diapers in our hallway for 2 days before Sarah started taking off her clothes and running around in her diaper. Sarah passes by this box every time she goes to her room. So a couple nights ago, Colt did this to the baby on the box...

...And for the past 2 nights, we haven't had ANY problems! At first when Sarah saw it, she just looked at the clothed baby...then she'd go and play and come back and look at it. ... But yeah...No naked problems since we colored clothes on this baby! This is something to really think about here.